Caramel Fudge Stout

This chocolate imperial stout will seduce you!

(3.96) | 39,735 Waarderingen

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Kompaan 39 Bloedbroeder

Bloedbroeder 39 Imperial Stout with Port as additive.Crowned as best dutch beer of 2017, Gold medal in Mitra Beerchallenge 2017, Gold medal Barcelona Beer Challenge 2017. For this beer the brewers used 5 malts
and 3 hops. during the boil the brewers added raw ruby port. The taste goes from
Hops, to Chocolate, Roasted Malts, Smokeyness and Port. For this beer the correct
state of mind is necessary. Unfiltered & unpasterized

(3.48) | 33,124 Waarderingen

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Ons Blackie

[ Ons Black•ee ] 1. (Brabantian dialect) term of endearment for a black pet, usually a cat or dog
2. a bodaciously rich imperial stout made with ten of the best British malts.

(3.62) | 14,177 Waarderingen

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