La Trappe Quadrupel Oak Aged Batch #32(Belgian Quadrupel)

The following allocation applies to Batch 32:

Barrel types In batch
Gaillac White Wine 75%
New Oak Medium Toast 10%
New Oak High Toast 10%
New Acacia Medium Toast 5%

Batch 32 displays a deep mahogany colour, darker than the normal Quadrupel. The finely pearled froth is a light brown, almost beige-like with small bubbles.

The main component of this batch is white wine from the French Gaillac region near Toulouse. Gailliac is known for its still and light sparkling white wines. The grape variety used most often in this very old white wine region are Mauzac, Len de l’el and Muscadelle. These wines have subtle aromas of dried tropical fruit, apple, honey and dates. These aromas and flavours can also be detected in this unique beer. Batch 32 was aged in these casks for more than two years.

The flavour can be described as explosive, whereby the tannins of the oak and of vanilla manifest front and centre. The finish is slightly acidic due to the barrels that contained the white wine.

The alcohol is well-balanced with the sweetness and the low bitterness of this Quadrupel. Just like the aroma, the flavour is very complex. Discover for yourself how this batch also results in a genuine degustation beer.

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